Democratise Organic

We believe in inclusiveness and the need of the hour is organic food consumption. That's why we are 'Demogratising Organic' - making organic food accessible to more people, from the field to the package to the store shelf to the family kitchen

Mass Conversion to ORGANIC

Health being important factor of any civilisation, we are taking efforts to increase awarenes to masses to adopt Organic Food in their daily life.

Encouraging to Organic Farming

We undertake educational programs specifically to farmers, encourage them to use natural and organic methods of farming, thus complete avoiding chemicals and harmful toxic substances.

Continuos Remunarative Returns to Farmers

Organic farming is generally costlier than conventional farming, so we conduct education programs and reward programs to help farmers reduce cost per hectare.

Creating Healthier Nation

By taking various steps to train farmers, reach out to consumers and vendors, All this converts into better health of consumers and around us in the world.


End to End development and integration of Organic producers/farmers to our consumers, to ensure that high quality, certified and authentic organic food products are available to our consumers at most affordable prices.

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We believe in providing our customers with the purest and most natural products. Just as we believe in standing up for what is right. Discover the difference for yourself and try Amul Organic today.

Learn more about our commitment to organic farming, sustainable Practices, and our rich history of standing up for farmer's rights by visiting our About Us Section