What is Organic ?

Organic products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. This is a method of farming that works at grass root level preserving the reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil, good plant nutrition, and sound soil management, produces nutritious food rich in vitality which has resistance to diseases.


Does organic food taste better ?

Taste is definitely an individual matter, but chefs across the nation are choosing organic food to prepare tasty, nutritious and healthy dishes because they believe it has superior taste and quality. An increasing number of consumers are also of the opinion that organic food tastes better. Because organic food is grown in well-balanced soil, it makes sense that these healthy plants have a great taste. Try organic food for yourself and see what you think!

How are Organic products different?

The difference between organic products and non-organic foods (conventional) has to do with how they are grown and processed. Often, conventional produce is sprayed with chemicals (fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides). These chemicals tend to leave a residue on (and in) the food we eat. Foods grown organically are safe from these chemicals, and safe from this residue

What are the advantages of Organic ?

The food we grow and the food we eat should always be chemical-free and nutrient-rich. At Amul, we believe in doing natural way. Which is why we the Amul Organic range, a step healthier and cleaner world. Keeping in mind the well-being of our customers and mother earth, we encourage organic farming. We source harvest from farmers who grow crops without pesticides. This chemical-free produce is then processed and packed in organic certified facilities. Amul Organic range comes with the brand% 75 years of trust and NPOP certification. After revolutionising the dairy + industry, we are now on a mission to make organic food accessible to al and make every meal of every Indian nourishing.

Why Organic ?

This isn't just about food. Organic is a vision for working and living in harmony with nature. The result is healthy soil, which grows healthy plants, which ensures healthy life. By abstaining from synthetic inputs and encouraging natural systems, organic farmers help create a better future for people, animals, and the environment


We believe in providing our customers with the purest and most natural products. Just as we believe in standing up for what is right. Discover the difference for yourself and try Amul Organic today.

Learn more about our commitment to organic farming, sustainable Practices, and our rich history of standing up for farmer's rights by visiting our About Us Section